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Yoga Video Programmes

Downloadable Yoga Programmes

I've created these programmes with the intention to help you bring more home practice into your life, so you can feel the benefits of accessible, diverse, flowing yoga asana on a regular basis.

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More Yoga in your Life

Ten succinct yoga classes ranging in length from 10-40 minutes. Aimed to helping you towards a more regular practice, and one which you can easily adapt to suit your schedule. Each class is themed to support variety and growth.

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Find your Flow: Vinyasa 101

Your comprehensive guide to finding a confident, skilful & balanced vinyasa flow practice. It can take years to master the key aspects of a vinyasa flow style. But this course will help you discover important tools, shortcuts & tips, so you can quickly progress & build confidence in the style.

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7 Days of Classes

Just the 7 classes from the Find your Flow programme. Enjoy more yoga at home, without having to invest in the full programme. Suited to all levels, and offers enough flexibility that you can adapt your practice to suit your preferences and overall needs.

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