Retreats in 2019

Find your Flow


The full programme!

Your comprehensive guide to finding a confident, skilful and balanced vinyasa flow practice.

INCLUDING: pose and movement tutorials, classes, bonus videos and more

More than 20 videos featuring detailed instructions - refined over many years of teaching a diverse range of people. We cover all the fundamentals to build a balanced practice, accessible for all levels and adaptable to suit your needs.

Usually only available for limited launch periods a couple of times a year, I'm making this home yoga programme available on a longer-term basis in response to the unique situation the world finds itself in with COVID-19.

Find your Flow


Classes only!

Just the seven classes from the Find your Flow programme, so you can enjoy some yoga at home, without having to invest in the full programme.

INCLUDES: 7 classes of different lengths and themes, so you can benefit from a balanced home practice.

The classes are suited to all levels, and offer enough flexibility that you can adapt your practice to suit your preferences, experience and overall needs.

Usually the classes are not offered separately from the Vinyasa 101 programme, but in response to COVID-19 I wanted to provide more options to help you keep up a yoga practice even if you can't get to the studio.