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Build strength and feel good about your body

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow class

My last session teaching this class is the 15th of September, 2019

A longer class emphasising a comprehensive practice (including movement, breath and meditation) to bring you an improved sense of all-over wellbeing.


Designed for students who enjoy a physically challenging sequence and options to progress towards a deeper experience of yoga.

While this is a more advanced class, newer students are also welcomed - modifications are offered, and rest is encouraged as needed.


2:15 - 3:45pm

Clissold Leisure Centre (map)

Contact the centre

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Sarah offers lovely uplifting vinyasa flow yoga accessible to all levels. Her prompts are very clear and she cleverly ties postures together in amazing sequences. 

This enables you to push yourself further without even realising it's happening and the flow has a very meditative quality to it as well.

It's a good workout for the body but most importantly I always leave class feeling happy and uplifted. Her classes are a perfect balance of physicality and relaxation.


Sarah is a fantastic yoga teacher. She stretches you in your practice and challenges you whilst retaining a sense of calm and peaceful energy. She is very encouraging and ensures you have options for the practice which are achievable in a very positive way. Sarah also seems to vary the practice every week to make sure different areas receive focus and boredom never sets in. She obviously works hard to prep her classes in advance to ensure everything flows so smoothly.

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