Advance your practice


My workshops are a great opportunity to delve into some aspects of yoga that are not generally covered or explored in depth within a typical vinyasa flow yoga class. 

The primary aim will be to help you deepen your practice (not just in the physical sense), your knowledge of yoga, as well as your knowledge of yourself and your body. You'll be able to explore your potential in a holistic and considered way.

The 2 hour format allows time for exploration in the practice, and also discussion and questions, so each persons learning journey can be supported. It will be a safe environment to practice, seek clarification, make mistakes and advance a little along the learning journey that is your yoga practice. 

Core focus yoga workshop

Saturday 15th June

2 - 4pm

Focus on the Core


£20 @ Yogahome Studio

Intro to headstand workshop

Saturday 13th July

2 - 4pm

Intro to Headstand


£20 @ Yogahome Studio

Vinyasa workshop

Saturday 14th September

2 - 4pm

Getting comfortable and confident with Vinyasa's


£20 @ Yogahome Studio



"I had a Vinyasa workshop with Sarah as I wasn't sure if I was doing these poses correctly!

Sarah was really patient, professional and supportive - she explained everything really clearly, and also tailored her instruction to what was right for my body, which really helped.

There was a great balance between explanation, demonstration, and practice, so I felt like I came out of it with a really well rounded understanding.

When I next went to a yoga class, I felt so confident that I was actually doing it right!"