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Group classes

Group classes

In-person classes are paused for the time-being while I settle into a new home and job in Auckland and establish connections with yoga studios and teaching locations there. In the meantime, my online yoga classes on Wednesday mornings continue, so join me for this small group practice on zoom.


9:30 - 10:30am

Online Flow Yoga

Live online class

via Zoom

Mixed-level class with guidance adapted to you.

A focus on healthy, mindful movement in a flowing style.

Enjoy yoga in the convenience of your own home & with clear, easy to follow instruction you won't have to disrupt your practice to look at a screen..

Online classes

Recorded Video Offerings

I have three downloadable yoga video programmes, all available via a sliding scale pricing structure where you can choose the rate you feel you can afford. Click the button to find out more.

Free Yoga Videos on Social Media

Additionally, there is a back catalogue of short videos for free via Instagram IGTV and Facebook, you can access anytime.

Private sessions

Yoga tailored to you

One-to-one classes (in-person or via an online video call) can be tailor made to your specific needs, focusing on your interests, concerns or goals. 


There are many benefits of private classes - whether you're a beginner looking to learn the foundations, or you're looking to deepen your practice and focus on specific areas. It's also brilliant for those recovering from injury or illness. Private group classes can be great for friends or family who want to learn together.

The how and why of private sessions

They might focus on techniques that specifically suit your lifestyle and needs, such as help with stress management, sleep habits, or posture awareness or learning meditation.

They can provide a chance to explore variations for your body, to find a practice that feels great.

They can be a great way to build confidence in the basics before transitioning into group classes.

They can be treated like mini-workshops where together we delve deeper into an area of the practice that you'd like to learn more about.

And just from a practical side, because the time is made to suit you, classes can be more easily fit with your schedule and save time travelling to a studio.

With 8+ years experience teaching several regular private clients, I’m well versed in how to tailor a practice to suit anyone. Prices are from $70 per hour. Contact me for a free initial consultation.



Sarah is a wonderful teacher. She is authoritative but warm, and very clear in all her instructions. Her classes are carefully planned and interestingly varied, and they are just demanding enough, and just calming enough to give a great all round feeling of well-being. I have been attending them for over a year and my whole body feels stronger and more capable of taking on the world. My mental health is similarly more robust. I wish I could have Sarah as my yoga teacher for all time - she is one of the very best I have ever encountered.



Sarah's teachings on breathing well in class has had a big impact in other areas of my life, helping me to remain focussed and in control in many difficult situations.  I have also come to learn through Sarah's practice and instruction that it is these areas of life that are the real goals of yoga. It is not about trying to achieve the perfect posture, it is about reflecting on your life and accepting it for what it is without judgement. For that I will remain truly grateful.



Sarah offers lovely uplifting vinyasa flow yoga accessible to all levels. Her prompts are very clear and she cleverly ties postures together in amazing sequences. 

This enables you to push yourself further without even realising it's happening and the flow has a very meditative quality to it as well.

It's a good workout for the body but most importantly I always leave class feeling happy and uplifted. Her classes are a perfect balance of physicality and relaxation.



I really look forward to Sarah’s classes. She is a confident and engaging teacher, very clear and calm in her instruction, and always offers variations for anyone who is a less (or more) able class member. There is a wonderful, seamless rhythm to her sequences. I love the fact, too, that in each of her classes I go to, she will focus emphasis on some particular aspect or area of the body so that by the end of the session one feels much softer and healthier in that area. Somehow, she has a joyful, light touch that goes very deep.

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