Live online classes


MY LAST CLASS OF 2020: CHARITY CLASS was on the 18th of December - LIVE + RECORDED

You can still purchase the recording of this 18th December class. In doing so you get access to the recorded class til the 31st of January 2021.


All sales from this recorded class go to charity, specifically to Choose Love and Help Refugees. Thanks for your support!

Live online classes resume in the New Year on the 8th of January, scroll down for more details.

The wisdom & tools of the yoga tradition can be very helpful as we navigate the current times and our changing circumstances. These classes will focus on healthy & mindful movement which you can enjoy in the convenience of your home.

To participate in my live online yoga events, you’ll need…

  • A yoga mat, decent internet connection, a laptop / tablet / computer with a camera

  • The Zoom App (ie: The Zoom Client for Meetings)


09:30 - 10:30

New Zealand Time

Equivalent to:

Thursday 20:30 - 21:30 GMT

  • Small class size so personal support can be given.

  • Consistent class themes, so you build repetition and understanding, yet still with enough variation to keep classes interesting and inspiring.

  • Genuinely mixed level to help you find a version of the practice that feels best for you.

  • Flowing style to help you naturally connect with your breath.

  • Clear instructions so it's easy to follow & you won't have to disrupt your practice to look at a screen.

  • Encouraging and supportive, so you feel nurtured and relaxed in your practice.

You can convert to other time zones here.

Cost: pay between $2 - $10 USD based on what you can afford.

Bookings close 30 minutes before class starts.