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Monica Granstrom

Sarah does a lovely uplifting vinyasa flow. Her prompts are very clear

and she cleverly ties postures together in amazing sequences. 


This enables you to push yourself further without even realising it's happening and the flow has a very meditative quality to it as well.


The energy of her classes are a perfect balance of physicality and relaxation.

I always leave feeling happy and envigorated!   

Melanee Lowdermilk

Sarah is a lovely, upbeat person.

Each class gives me a sense of improving on the physical posture(s), and I feel mentally calm and centred.


Clearly, it is an individual practice that Sarah promotes, not a competitive class environment where you are comparing yourself to others.

At the end of each class, I feel calm and peaceful as well as feeling that I have achieved something.

Matt Saywell

Yoga with Sarah is the perfect antidote to a busy, stressful life.  Sarah's teachings on breathing well in class have had a big impact in my life, helping me to remain focussed and in control in many difficult situations.  


I have also come to learn through Sarah's practice and instruction that it is these areas of life that are the real goals of yoga. It is not about trying to achieve the perfect posture, it is about reflecting on your life and accepting it for what it is without judgement. 

For that I will remain truly grateful.       

Anne Boller

Coming to yoga late in life, I was a little nervous I would not take to it. Sarah’s friendly and open approach immediately put me at ease. Her teaching style is clear and easy to follow and her classes have a wonderful calming and restorative effect.

Sessions are varied and challenging and I always leave feeling physically and mentally re-invigorated.

I believe Sarah’s classes have contributed to improved sleeping patterns and overall well being.

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