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Are you craving some time to yourself? 


For many of us, this special time of social distancing has been an opportunity to reflect on what is important. Perhaps you've rekindled a self-care practice. Perhaps you've caught up on books you've been meaning to read for years.


But for some of us, it has also been a time of unsettling change and new responsibilities:

  • Homeschooling

  • Preparing 3 meals a day, every day.

  • Living 24/7 with people you love...and crave space from.

  • Couriering groceries to those needing additional support.

  • Being a loving ear for friends not faring so well.


All of these things can leave us feeling depleted, despite having more time at home.


If this is resonating for you, I'm delighted to invite you to my very special yoga!

These are mini-yoga retreat experiences you can do at home. Together we'll enjoy nourishing sessions full of movement, breath, reflection and meditation. ⁠


We explore various techniques to help us release built up stress, in additional to all the wonderful things that come from sharing the practice as a group (yes, even online this is possible), flowing with our breath and connecting with a quieter and calmer inner state.⁠

A retreat is 2 hours in duration and there are currently two sessions scheduled.

Each will have a slightly different focus, so if you're keen for some continuity, while also encouraging progress and further learning - why not sign up for both.

Uplifting and healing yoga experience

Saturday 9th May

19:30 - 21:30

New Zealand Time

2 hours of replenishing vinyasa flow and restorative yoga to help you melt away accumulated stress, and feel renewed, balanced, calm and better able to take care of yourself.

Equivalent to 8:30-10:30 BST / 9:30-11:30 CEST

Discovering balance and harmony

Sunday 17th May

19:30 - 21:30

New Zealand Time

2 hours delving into holistic and nourishing yoga movements, breath, reflection and meditation, to guide you towards a more balanced inner and outer state.

Equivalent to 8:30-10:30 BST / 9:30-11:30 CEST

On these retreats you will experience:

 Time and space for yourself to relax, using the healing and supportive practices of yoga, reflection, meditation and pranayama.

 We explore techniques to help us release built up stress and tension so we can find the tools which support us to manage the challenges life is throwing at us right now.

 A place of support and inspiration as we share insights within the group.

 A blend of vinyasa flow and restorative yoga to enable you to benefit from the powerful & transformative elements of both these styles.⁠

 Yoga sequences are carefully curated to facilitate a lightening within you, so you are able to melt away physical & mental tension.⁠

▷ Small group size (limited to 10) so personal support can be given.

▷ Additionally, you will be supported to take some of the learnings with you beyond the retreat via intention / goal setting and a 1-to-1 check-in with me.

The practical details

All times are in New Zealand Time. You can convert NZT to your local time zone here.

Pricing is via a sliding scale - just pay what you can afford. 


Choose to pay between $10 - $25 USD based on what you feel comfortable with.

Bookings close 2 hours before the retreat starts.

What you'll need

To participate in my live online yoga retreats, you’ll need…

  • A yoga mat, decent internet connection, a laptop / tablet / computer / phone with a camera

  • The Zoom App (ie: The Zoom Client for Meetings)

To make your tech set up as straightforward as possible I've created some support notes to help you get the tech up and running smoothly. You'll receive these with your booking confirmation email.

Invite a friend

Why not do this online home yoga retreat with a friend? You may not be physically in the same space, but practicing together can create powerful connections even when we're physically far apart.

Preparing for your mini at-home-retreat

Taking some time out for yourself is really important right now. So if you need to, negotiate with others in your household to have a couple of hours of alone time for our yoga retreat.

Set up your space ahead of time. Gather your yoga mat and props and try to clear away as much as you can around your space, so that you’re not surrounded by work things or other distractions. If you’re in a small space, perhaps you can cover your work desk with a scarf or blanket to reduce any feeling of clutter around you. You might like to add candles or incense to create a cosy and more serene atmosphere.

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