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Find your Flow



Your comprehensive guide to finding a confident, skilful and balanced vinyasa flow practice

It can take years to master the key aspects of a vinyasa flow style. But this course will help you discover important tools, shortcuts and tips, so you can quickly progress and build confidence in your practice.

More than 20 videos featuring detailed instructions - refined over many years of teaching a diverse range of people. We cover all the fundamentals to build a balanced practice, accessible for all levels and adaptable to suit your needs.

Learn to practice vinyasa with more skill and understanding

Do you struggle to find a balance of effort and ease in many yoga movements? Or perhaps you find most vinyasa flow classes a bit fast-paced and difficult to learn in?

Whether you're new to yoga, or have a bit more experience, this course will help you develop a more skilful yoga practice, one that is sustainable and will serve you well over the long term.

You'll be guided to a more confident place with your practice where you better understand the postures, the vinyasa flow style, and most importantly, how to adapt the practice to suit your individual body and what you need each time you step on the mat. 

Get started now!

What's inside the programme?

Find your Flow yoga course
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Plus some special bonus materials...

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This is a yoga programme that explores poses suited to modern day bodies and lifestyles, to help us find more freedom in the way our bodies move.


We're not aiming for contortion or acrobatics, just practical and varied yoga that aims for a balance of energising, strengthening and calming effects - so you feel a positive shift in body and mind. 

Pricing model


Your course teacher

Sarah McFadden

I'm a certified yoga teacher with 9 years of teaching experience, and 15 years of practicing yoga asana myself.

My motto is 'yoga for all' as I'm committed to making everyone feel welcome and comfortable in my classes.

With a love for a flowing, breath-led style, over the years I've adapted the vinyasa flow style into a format that makes it more inclusive and accessible.

So whatever your yoga experience, age, fitness or mobility I'll be guiding you to find a version of the vinyasa flow practice that feels great for your body. 

Remembering it's much less about what the practice looks like on the outside than how it feels on the inside!

My student community comment on how clear and easy to follow my instructions are, as well as my welcoming and encouraging nature.

I'm passionate about creating varied and creative class sequences that help the practice feel seamless in rhythm and meditative in quality.

I look forward to sharing this programme with you!

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This course will be great for you if any of the below resonate...

You'd like to build a home practice but are not sure where to start and how to keep the consistency 

You want to build more strength and stability in your body and your practice

You're newer to the 'vinyasa flow' style, newer to yoga, or you worry you're not doing the movements well

You want to better understand the vinyasa flow style and how to make it work for your needs

You've ever felt out of your depth in a typical vinyasa flow class and would like to build your confidence in the style

You're not a naturally flexible person and want yoga to feel more easeful in your body

The details of the programme

Find your Flow - Vinyasa 101 will give you access to:

Lifetime access to the course content so you can revisit all the materials and any new and updated videos and guides to support your ongoing practice and progression

Access to Sarah via direct email - to ask any questions, or receive additional support 

Password-protected, easy to use members’ portal where you can access all of the course materials in one place, you can access from anywhere in the world

MODULE ONE: Fundamental Postures

Start to understand the details of the most commonly featured postures, so you'll unlock new strength and comfort while learning how move with integrity, honouring your unique body.

Learn five fundamental postures: Downward Dog, Plank, Chaturanga, Upward Dog & Cobra

Learn alignment principles and explore variations so you can adjust the postures to suit you

Discover techniques to keep your body safe, while building strength and improving mobility

Feel more comfortable in these often repeated foundational shapes

MODULE TWO: Learning to Flow

Empower yourself with more knowledge of the flowing movements and transitions within the vinyasa's and sun salutations so you can take control of your own practice, enabling you to adapt it to how you feel each time you step on the mat.

Learn the intricacies of the vinyasa and sun salutation movements so you can flow with confidence and without pain or discomfort

Breakdown surya namaskar A & B (the most commonly sequenced sun salutations)

Learn other vinyasa and sun salutation variations so you experience a varied and creative practice that will build a healthy balance of strength and mobility

Discover tips to make your practice sustainable over the long term

MODULE THREE: 7 Days of Practice

A pre-built home practice that takes the hard work out of creating your own. Still with enough flexibility that you can adapt it to suit your preferences, experience and overall needs.

Enjoy 7 classes of various length & themes, so you can benefit from a balanced home practice

Choose more active classes for when you want a strong energy filled practice or those with a slower pace when need to restore and calm yourself

Specially designed to help you put everything you learnt in modules 1 and 2 into practice - because practice is key!

And here's more info about the special bonuses included!

Wrist Preparations to Help

Prevent Injury


I've learnt the hard way the importance of preparing our wrists and strengthening this area of the body to prevent pain or discomfort, now and in the future

Beyond Yoga - Additional Movements to Help Mobility

& Strength

We need to be doing more than just yoga to keep our bodies healthy, so learn some great movements to compliment what you're doing in yoga class

How To Bring More Yoga into Your Daily Life Movements


Learn how to improve your posture and discover mobility and strength in your body through simple changes in your home and work life

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I’ve loved having Sarah on my laptop!  It means that I can plan in a yoga session when it suits me, and I don’t have to travel further than my living room to take part! She is really good at giving clear instructions, and has extra tutorials that give you specific advice about particular postures that I’ve found helpful. Sarah takes care to make sure you know what adaptations you can use to tailor the postures to your own ability, making the course really accessible. My body feels so good after I’ve been through one of Sarah’s vinyasa flow sequences!  My aim for 2020 is to fit a guided yoga session in every other day - all possible with the online course.



I'm really pleased with the online course, the classes are easy to follow and despite just watching a video, I felt almost like I had been to a class. I really like how the relax time is held at the end in real time, now I know I can fully let go, without a worry about pausing the video etc. In a nutshell you've gifted me a perfect little resource I can dip into for whatever time I can devote. Thank you!



I was luckily enough to get along to some yoga sessions and a wonderful retreat with Sarah last year, and decided to join the Find Your Flow - Vinyasa 101 - online video course to help deal with some joint and muscle problems I've had over the years. I'm working on building some yoga practice into my daily routine, which the videos are helping with very much. One of the challenges I face is my wrists have never been strong and weight-bearing through them is painful for me. With Sarah's guidance on adjustments, and using the 'Bonus 1 video, practice for your your wrists, I'm starting to build forearm and wrist strength more successfully than I ever have.

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I offer all my programmes via a sliding scale pricing structure.

For this programme the pricing range is from $60 to $200 USD.


Choose the rate you feel you can afford. 

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