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In Your Life

Featuring ten short and sweet yoga classes, ranging from 10 to 40 minutes in length, this yoga video programme is designed to help you find more opportunities for regular yoga instalments in your week. 

Little and often has been my go-to yoga asana practise in recent years, and I love it.  Getting time on the mat is easier and more accessible.


In this programme I’m sharing some of my favourite sequences and class themes to support you getting more yoga in your life.


Whether you’re working long hours, full with childcare responsibilities, or not able to get to studio, the flexibility of this programme offers plenty of choice for incorporating short mindful movement sessions into your day, allowing your journey with yoga to adapt to whatever life throws your way.

For me this short-form yoga is also a reminder that our asana doesn’t have to be fancy, doesn’t necessarily require changing into exercise wear, and that 10 minutes can still be powerful!

What's included?

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Through classes of different types and lengths you'll find lots of options to keep your practice varied, interesting and enjoyable, so your mat feels like a happy place to be!

Enjoy the variety of 10 unique classes, all with a with a different theme / focus area so you can choose a practice that suits your needs on any given day.

Choose more active classes for when you want a strong energy filled practice or those with a slower pace when need to restore and calm yourself.

This is a programme specifically designed to be suitable for various levels, so whatever your yoga experience, age, fitness or mobility I'll be guiding you to find a flowing practice that serves you well.

Additional bonus recordings offer two pranayama sessions, and guidance for how to find a comfortable sitting position on the floor (a common challenge for many of us). Pranayama is another powerful tool to calm our nervous system, so it's a wonderful add-on following an asana session.

The classes

1. WIND DOWN: An opportunity to rest, 10 minutes

2. WIND DOWN v2: Another opportunity to rest, 15 minutes

3. MOVEMENT BREAK: Take a pause and enjoy some movement, 10 minutes

4. SUN SALUTATIONS: Go slow sun salutations to greet the day, 20 minutes

5. GENTLE YOGA: An easeful, mostly seated practice, 20 minutes

6. FOCUS ON BALANCE: Challenge & improve your balance, 25 minutes

7. MOVE YOUR WHOLE BODY: A well-rounded flow experience, 25 minutes

8. AWAKEN & ENERGISE: A higher energy practice for a boost, 30 minutes

9. FOCUS ON CORE: Cultivate strength from your centre, 30 minutes

10. FLUID SPINE: A back-bending focused practice, 40 minutes

Plus some special bonus materials...

11. PRANAYAMA: Two guided breathing practices to calm and sooth

12. TUTORIAL: Guidance to help you find a comfortable sitting position 

1. WIND DOWN: An opportunity to rest, 10 minutes

3. MOVEMENT BREAK: Take a pause and enjoy some movement, 10 minutes

4. SUN SALUTATIONS: Go slow sun salutations to greet the day, 20 minutes

My teaching philosophy


With a love for a flowing, breath-led yoga, over the years I've adapted the vinyasa flow style into a more inclusive and accessible format.

I'm passionate about designing classes that suit a broader range of people, underpinned by the belief that yoga is for us as all, not just the naturally bendy.

My extra studies of anatomy have helped me better understand the diversity of our bodies and the need to stay away from a one-way-fits-all approach. In my classes you are empowered with options, and you can make choices, shaping the practice to suit you, each time you step on the mat.

Pricing model

I offer all my programmes via a sliding scale pricing structure.

For this programme the pricing range is from $40 to $80 USD.


Choose the rate you feel you can afford. 

Try before you buy

If you're new to my community and would like to experience some of my teaching before purchasing the programme, I encourage you to check out the existing recordings in my free resource library.  Simply get access to the library by signing up to my mailing list.


In my resource library, there are several classes, pose tutorials, guided meditations and more for you to explore. You're welcome to unsubscribe at anytime of course.  

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