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Vinyasa 101



Master your Vinyasas

Improve your technique and confidence

so you'll come to LOVE the vinyasa movements.

Sign up for the 5-Day Challenge

Starting on the 24th of February 2020

Discover how you can transform your vinyasa to find versions that you love, while ensuring they are also safe and sustainable for your unique body!

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Are you new to yoga? Wondering about what the term 'vinyasa' actually means?


Or perhaps you've been doing yoga for a little while, but are still unsure of exactly how to make the commonly repeated chaturanga / upward facing dog combo work for you?


Maybe some injuries or pain have come up through the course of your practice? 

Upward facing dog tutorial

We can work on

these together

In this FREE 5-Day Challenge...

You'll empower yourself with more knowledge of the flowing movements and transitions within the vinyasa's so you can take control of your own practice.

Learn the intricacies of vinyasa postures such as chaturanga & upward facing dog so you understand the key considerations for strength and alignment.

Learn more about other postures such as cobra, plank, and downward dog so you can flow with confidence and ease.

Learn alignment principles and explore variations so you can adjust the postures to suit your needs and your body.

Learn some of the transitions within the vinyasa so when you link postures together you're able to move with integrity and skill.

Get familiar with some creative ways to vary your vinyasa - ensuring the flow doesn't get stale or too repetitive to be good for you.

Your teacher

Sarah McFadden

Having practiced and taught Vinyasa Flow for many years, Sarah has observed the growth in popularity of this modern yoga style. 

But with popularity can sometimes come problems. And in this case, your average Vinyasa Flow class is often not giving practitioners the detail, time and attention they need to thrive and ensure their practice is strong, stable and safe for them.

Yoga with Sarah

Because we all have different bodies and different movement histories, it can't be a one size-fits-all approach.

I'm passionate about making this style of yoga more safe, effective and enjoyable for everyone. 

This 5-day video training programme includes my key teachings, honed over many years of observing the common stumbling blocks for my students.


Inside you'll find clear and easy to follow guidance, delivered in a workshop style format (1 video each day) to help you master the vinyasa, and it's included postures.

Let's do it!

Sign up for the 5-Day Challenge (starting on the 24th** of February 2020)

Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared with anyone

**It's best if you watch each video on consecutive days - starting on, or around the 24th. However, I don't want you to miss out on these teachings just because that date might not work for you. So if you need to, it's still feasible to watch the videos according to a different schedule that is better for you.

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