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5 ways my weekend yoga retreat will leave you feeling transformed!

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Perhaps you’re wondering a bit more about my weekend yoga retreat and what to expect from the experience?

Here I’ve summarised five of the reasons why this retreat will be a wonderful and transformative time for you. Why you’ll feel amazing both during and after the retreat, and why you shouldn’t delay in booking your spot! Remember, super-early-bird pricing closes at the end of October!

1) You get space for you.

A retreat allows you an opportunity to escape the fog of your everyday, busy life. It gives you the space and the quiet to just simplify. Getting rid of all the usual stuff you have to do on a daily basis, so instead of being caught up with that, you can settle more deeply into your yoga, with yourself and the whole experience of being on a yoga holiday.

While of course you can’t 100% forget about all your responsibilities completely - such as being a parent, a carer, or your work commitments and so on - you do at least get a significant break and a chance to step back from them. And even that little bit of distancing can make a big difference to how you feel!

2) Your practice will deepen

Given the aforementioned space and time it is easier to go deeper with your practice.

When we clear out the usual things that distract us - the space that is created can be very powerful, and it gives room for a more significant transformation!

It is therefore easier to connect to yourself more deeply and turn your attention inwards. And with that you have the potential to discover new elements of your yoga experience. Perhaps this manifests in advancement towards a more complex asana, or perhaps it’s finding a deeper and more peaceful meditation. The possibilities are many and the benefits are great!

3) There will be options for personal reflection or group activities depending on what you feel you need

There is often something very magical about the sense of community and friendship that is created on a retreat. When you share deeply nourishing practices in a beautiful and supportive space the people you get to know often become friends for life.

We will be undertaking group classes of course, but additionally there will be some free time to do whatever you feel like! Perhaps you want to do a little of your own yoga or meditation practice (if you’re super keen!!), perhaps a walk in the surrounding area, or a short trip to the Dorset coast for some stunning seaside views. Or you could simply relax and read in the many comfy lounging areas, go for a swim in the Bonhays pool, or enjoy some pool-side reclining!

You’ll have lots of options available and so can just go with the flow of whatever feels right for you once you’re there.

4) I am there to support your yoga retreat journey

The weekend yoga journey with one teacher can provide a deep learning experience. But due to to busyness, location limitations or other factors it can be hard to practice with a regular teacher consistently.

On the retreat you’ll have the space to work with me on a consistent basis and be guided through supportive practices as the retreat unfolds.

I’ll be available for additional questions and advice, and I’ll share some of the special yoga experiences I’ve had and what I’ve found most helpful to me.

And I’ll be there to help you explore various options when we delve into the self-care possibilities - so that you can find those that best suit your needs in your life right now.

We’ll talk about your goals and aims, your weekly schedules, what you really enjoy in your yoga practice and what you’d like to learn more about. We’ll work towards uncovering some of the practices that will best support you in your life, and that will bring you more joy and help you meet your goals!

I am certain that the work we do done together on the retreat will be helpful and that it will difference in your life.

5) Your body will be cared for with healthy (and tasty) food and refreshments

It’s such a treat to be looked after food-wise for a few days isn’t it?

No thinking about meal planning, shopping for ingredients or cooking.

Personally, I quite like cooking, but equally, I am very happy to have a few days off from the responsibility too.

Bonhays resident chef Evie receives high praise for her delicious meals. And to top it all off - as possible she sources organic ingredients locally - if she has not grown them herself!

Yum yum yum!


A weekend retreat is a great chance to get away for a few days of rest, focused yoga, and the chance to assess what you need for better self-care practices going forward.

Overall, it's a recipe a really enjoyable and also transformational experience!

If you have any questions before booking please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. You can contact me here.

Really looking forward to hearing from you, and hopefully seeing you on retreat!

Find out more and book your place here. Book before the 31st of October to grab the super-early-bird pricing.

Ps. if you don’t quite feel you can afford the deposit right now, let me know, I am happy to discuss a payment plan if that’s what’s holding you back.


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